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 Why Quell? - We carry the Quell line of fish oil supplements. If you’re wondering why that’s the case, we explain ourselves in this post.

Fish Oil Help You Sleep? – I have to admit. I thought this story was unlikely to be true…until I actually looked at the clinical data.

Fish Oil and Blood Pressure – Here is another “I didn’t believe it until I read the data” post.

Can Fish Oil Cure ADHD? – We don’t think fish oil is a cure for ADHD, but it can be a big help, especially if it means less prescription stimulants. What would you rather give your kid? A prescription stimulant, or fish oil?

Fish Oil and Alzheimer’s - There are some really interesting studies out there looking at the positive effects fish oil supplements have on Alzheimer’s. We don’t think fish oil is a cure, but as in ADHD, it can really help with the symptoms. It might even help with memory.

Use Quality Products – Fish oil is not a simple product to make. So it is sensitive to mediocre manufacturing processes. This is a big reason why it’s so important to stay away from the cheap brands and spend a little more on a good brand. You can get away with a cheap multivitamin, but not a cheap fish oil.

Want Cheap BioFreeze? Don’t Shop At That Store!

cheap biofreeze

Don’t shop there…

Last night I was shopping with my family at a local discount store.

You know the kind.

They sell a hodgepodge of products, ranging from lawn furniture to snacks to jewelry to cosmetics…all at low low prices.

These stores are actually pretty good for some things.

In our case, their snack prices are excellent. And it’s a good place to stock up on cheap toys for the pool.

But…imagine my surprise when I spotted BioFreeze on the shelf.

Naturally, I checked it out.

Alarmingly, the price was $16.99 for a 4 ounce tube.


I was shocked.

We carry 4 ounce BioFreeze for nearly half that price.

Even with the cost of shipping you’re way better off buying your BioFreeze from us than from this “bargain” store.

And that doesn’t even account for the free goodies we usually toss into the package, such as samples of other great pain relievers, coupons, and other treats.

So, if you’re looking for a good, safe pain reliever, definitely try BioFreeze. We use it, and so do many of our customers.

But please, save your dollars and don’t buy it from the “discount” stores.

Why is their BioFreeze so expensive?

I can’t say for sure, but I have a hunch.

You see, these types of stores make pennies worth of profit on the bulk of their sales.

So those snack and cookies that we bought probably only brought in a few percentage points worth of profit for that store.

So they have to make up for this low profit by charging much more for a select number of products.

I suspect that products which are expected to be expensive, such as certain cosmetics, might be more profitable for these kinds of stores.

Health care products, such as BioFreeze, would also fit in that category.

In fact, I noticed that their prices for other high-value health care products also seemed unusually high.

Want Cheap BioFreeze?

If you want to save money on your BioFreeze, here are a few suggestions:

First, BioFreeze is available in large pump bottles. These range in size from 16 ounces to a gallon. A few of our customers keep one downstairs and one upstairs, so pain relief is never far away.

Second, the roll on typically uses less product than applying the gel. In other words, there’s little product waste with the BioFreeze roll on, since the bottle controls how much is dispensed per application.

For some folks, a few swipes with the roll on is all that’s needed to experience fast pain relief.

Third, if BioFreeze is not knocking down your pain by 50% or more, then it may not be the right product for you. Consider other pain relievers, such as CryoDerm Heat, Sombra Warm, or Imbue patches.

Pill could reset body clock to fight jet lag


An interesting article in The Telegraph suggests that a simple pill can help reset the body’s internal clock.

Manchester University researchers have found than an enzyme keeps the body operating on a normal 24 hour circadian rhythm.

When that enzyme is suppressed that rhythm effectively resets itself, making it easier for the body to adapt to being up at night or asleep in the daytime.

Previous studies have shown that when the body’s clock is out of synch for long periods of time it can lead to serious and even fatal health problems.

Team leader Dr David Bechtold said the findings paved the way for the invention of a pill to inhibit enzyme CK1epsilon in humans.

It sounds like any pill will take years to develop, and would likely be a prescription medication.
But, it’s nevertheless the case that unusual changes in sleep patterns from travel, work schedules, or other causes can dramatically affect our ability to sleep well.
This lack of sleep, in turn, can negatively affect our health.
The comments below the article mention melatonin as a possible way to deal with jet lag.
What’s interesting (and something we did not realize) is that melatonin is not permitted in the UK.
Fortunately, here in the US, we can buy melatonin freely.

The problem with melatonin

Melatonin is a tricky molecule. On the one hand, it’s already produced by our bodies, so it’s perfectly safe when taken by mouth.
However, melatonin was not “designed” to be absorbed after swallowing a pill.
In fact, when you swallow melatonin, a very small percentage of that dose (10% or less) is actually absorbed by the body.
The rest of it is flushed away in our urine.
That makes most melatonin pills fairly useless.

The solution? Sublingual Tablets

The secret to a successful melatonin product is to take the melatonin as a special tablet that dissolves under the tongue.
In that part of the mouth, the skin is quite thin, making it ideal for taking certain medications.
Plus, it goes right into the circulation, so the problem mentioned earlier no longer exists.

Travel Tips

So if you are planning a trip that involves crossing through multiple time zones, here are a few tips for you:
Diet – Try to focus on increasing your normal intake of both water and fiber. Both of these can help you prevent mild dehydration (and the malaise that can accompany it). It can also help prevent travelers constipation.
Exercise – If you have an exercise routine, try your best to maintain it. Even something as simple as packing a jump rope in your suitcase can help you burn off calories from poor diet during travel, and can help you get tired, so you’ll sleep better.
Travel Schedule – Try to arrange you travel so you have one day to adjust to your new time zone.

How To Wash Your Chiroflow Water Pillow

Can you do this?

Wondering how to wash your Chiroflow Water Pillow?

Read on and watch our latest video!

What is a Chiroflow Water Pillow?

Simply put, the Chiroflow is the most comfortable pillow available.

The Chiroflow has three components.

First, it has a super soft, hypoallergenic polyester fiber filling.

Second, it has a thermal insulator to keep the pillow cool, which is important because variations in temperature can disturb your sleep.

Thirdly, the Chiroflow has a built-in pouch that you fill with water.

So you can adjust this pillow to be as firm or as soft as you want.

Even better is that the pillow adjusts to the shape of your head and shoulders.

So the pillow adjusts to you, whether you sleep on your back or your side.

This results in the most comfortable pillow and sleep possible.

How do you wash your Chiroflow?

Like any other pillow, a Chiroflow can accumulate oils and moisture from your hair and skin.

This can discolor and stain the Chiroflow.

So how do you wash it?

There are two things to consider.

First, you need strong detergents and bleach to wash any pillow.

But, you also need to keep that water pouch in mind, as you don’t want the detergents to damage the pouch in any way.

Our Experiment

We conducted an experiment with three Chiroflow pillows. The details are explained in the video.

Basically, we washed three pillows using different detergents and different washing conditions.

The “Winning Formula” in the video includes both washing machine settings and a detergent mix.

While Washing a Chiroflow

One tip…the pillow has some weird behaviors while in the wash. So watch the video to see what you need to do during the wash cycle.

And…keep the pillow out of the dryer!

Protect Your Investment

To save the hassle, we recommend a pillow protector.

The protector adds an extra layer of protection between the pillow and your pillow case.

In fact, many of our customers get two protectors and cycle between them, making sure there’s always a clean pillow on hand.

We hope this post and video help you wash your Chiroflow and keep it clean.


Where to Buy Chiroflow Pillow

Our main Chiroflow page provides all the details on this great pillow, now at a lower price.

How and where to apply a pain reliever

Body Outline Back

Where do I apply my pain reliever?


It seems like an obvious thing, right?

If you have muscle pain above the back of your knee, then you apply a pain reliever right on top of where it hurts.


Well, no. That’s not entirely correct.

Here’s why.

When you apply a pain reliever, like BioFreeze, the medicine penetrates the skin right where it’s applied.

However, dozens of arteries and veins directly below the skin whisk the medication away.

This is a normal defense mechanism, protecting us against anything potentially harmful from penetrating our skin.

So the best way to apply topical pain relievers is to apply them both on and “North” of the painful area.

For example, if you have a painful hamstring, and the pain is 3 inches above the back of your left knee.

You should apply the BioFreeze liberally on an area from the pain and up towards the buttocks, covering an area of 3-4 inches total.

This way, the medicine in BioFreeze penetrates the skin above the painful area, then the blood vessels carry it downstream towards the painful hamstring muscle.

The same idea applies anywhere you have pain.

Basically, apply pain relievers on the painful area AND an area covering 3-4 inches closer to your heart.

So if you want to apply some Sombra to your elbow, then apply it on your elbow and also cover the area 3-4 inches above your elbow towards your shoulder.

Here’s another tip for applying a pain reliever…

Topical prescription pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, like steroids, should be used as sparingly as possible.

In other words, you can only use the least amount possible because of potential side effects.

But with topical pain relievers like BioFreeze and Old Goat, you can apply these liberally and generously.

This means you have a greater chance of experiencing pain relief faster, with a much lower risk of any side effects.

ProOxy…Please save my skin!

ProOxy Header

Acne treatments come and go, but there is only one ProOxy!

What’s special about ProOxy?

ProOxy is a complete acne care system that tackles all of the causes of acne.

Let’s face it…acne is a complex condition caused by bacteria, oil, diet, stress…and many other things.

The celebrities on TV will tell you that you can clear up acne with a few dabs of a cleanser.


ProOxy is the only acne treatment system that works together to clear up your acne…gently, safely, and without harsh bleaches or dangerous prescription medicines.

What’s in Proxy?

First, the Daily Cleanser cleans deep within the pores, without harsh chemical, bleach, or antibiotics.

This cleanser is silky smooth, and is scientifically formulated to help unclog pores and reduce oil.

Next, the ProOxy system uses a unique Oxygen Spray to protect the skin against environmental stress.

Why is this important?

Because after cleansing, your skin is susceptible to damage from pollution, air-born bacteria, and oxidation.

The Oxygen spray stimulates the healthy cells in your skin to recover and rejuvenate your skin.

The spray also stimulates the immune cells directly beneath your skin to fight bacteria, the most common cause of acne.

Step 3 in the ProOxy system is the moisturizer.

Now this is no ordinary moisturizer.

The ProOxy moisturizer is designed to work with the cleanser to quickly replenish the skin of the vital oils and nutrients that the cleanser may have removed.

The moisturizer also balances skin pH, which is important if you want to prevent bacterial growth and acne.

 Lastly, ProOxy uses a facial mask that you use twice a week.

Many dermatologists recommend facial masks as part of the acne treatment routine.

However, most masks are loaded with oils, perfumes, and other chemicals that you should avoid when fighting acne.

This mask is designed specifically for the treatment of acne, and is loaded with nutrients and pore-cleansing natural ingredients, like tea tree oil and aloe vera.

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In the report, we discuss why many common acne treatments simply don’t work as advertised.

Then, we get into more detail about ProOxy.