Want Cheap BioFreeze? Don’t Shop At That Store!

cheap biofreeze

Don’t shop there…

Last night I was shopping with my family at a local discount store.

You know the kind.

They sell a hodgepodge of products, ranging from lawn furniture to snacks to jewelry to cosmetics…all at low low prices.

These stores are actually pretty good for some things.

In our case, their snack prices are excellent. And it’s a good place to stock up on cheap toys for the pool.

But…imagine my surprise when I spotted BioFreeze on the shelf.

Naturally, I checked it out.

Alarmingly, the price was $16.99 for a 4 ounce tube.


I was shocked.

We carry 4 ounce BioFreeze for nearly half that price.

Even with the cost of shipping you’re way better off buying your BioFreeze from us than from this “bargain” store.

And that doesn’t even account for the free goodies we usually toss into the package, such as samples of other great pain relievers, coupons, and other treats.

So, if you’re looking for a good, safe pain reliever, definitely try BioFreeze. We use it, and so do many of our customers.

But please, save your dollars and don’t buy it from the “discount” stores.

Why is their BioFreeze so expensive?

I can’t say for sure, but I have a hunch.

You see, these types of stores make pennies worth of profit on the bulk of their sales.

So those snack and cookies that we bought probably only brought in a few percentage points worth of profit for that store.

So they have to make up for this low profit by charging much more for a select number of products.

I suspect that products which are expected to be expensive, such as certain cosmetics, might be more profitable for these kinds of stores.

Health care products, such as BioFreeze, would also fit in that category.

In fact, I noticed that their prices for other high-value health care products also seemed unusually high.

Want Cheap BioFreeze?

If you want to save money on your BioFreeze, here are a few suggestions:

First, BioFreeze is available in large pump bottles. These range in size from 16 ounces to a gallon. A few of our customers keep one downstairs and one upstairs, so pain relief is never far away.

Second, the roll on typically uses less product than applying the gel. In other words, there’s little product waste with the BioFreeze roll on, since the bottle controls how much is dispensed per application.

For some folks, a few swipes with the roll on is all that’s needed to experience fast pain relief.

Third, if BioFreeze is not knocking down your pain by 50% or more, then it may not be the right product for you. Consider other pain relievers, such as CryoDerm Heat, Sombra Warm, or Imbue patches.


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