Curcumin Dosage: How much should I take?

We’ve written many times about the health and therapeutic benefits of curcumin (or turmeric).

Unfortunately, there a a great deal of hype and misinformation surrounding this beneficial spice.

English: Curcumin Polski: Kurkumina

How much should I take?

One article which is pretty good is here (link). Once you get past the title, the article makes a few important points about curcumin:

  1. Many studies have looked at the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin. 
  2. Many other studies have shown that curcumin, as a supplement, is quite safe in doses of up to 1000 milligrams or more.

However, what this article doesn’t point out is that curcumin is very difficult to get into our circulation. Stuffing a capsule with curcumin won’t do much.

So what’s the right curcumin dosage?

Instead, you need a formula with special technology to get the curcumin into our bloodstream where it can actually do some good.

This is why we’re so keen on our Longvida formula. It’s the only curcumin supplement we’ve found that has the technology (and the data) to show that it can get curcumin into the blood stream.

So with Longvida, your curcumin dosage is reduced to a single 500 milligram capsule per day. That’s it!

Remember, as with many supplements, taking one or two is not enough. Try taking Longvida once a day for at least a month before deciding if it’s right for you.